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Pro-vascular Green Cream 45

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A facial care product with a light consistency, recommended for vascular skin and with rosacea. It may be a supplement to pharmacological treatment. The green color of the cream immediately masks redness. Skin regeneration is ensured by Shea butter, also known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and grape seed oil rich in nutritious fatty acids. The most valuable substance of camomile - Bisabolol - used to soothe, soften and accelerate the penetration of other active ingredients into skin cells. Kokum butter, originating from the west coast of India, provides vitamin E and EFA in high concentrations, thanks to which it softens and makes the skin more elastic, while it is noncomedogenic and easily absorbable. The glycyrrhizic acid extracted from the licorice root has strong waterbinding properties in the skin, but primarily acts as an anti-allergenic, immunostimulatory, antioxidant which actively abates redness. Ricinus Communis seed oil strengthens the anti-inflammatory effect of the formula, supports the protective functions of the skin and regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands when the extract from the ruscus is sealing the blood vessels. Pro-vascular Green Cream Crème verte Pro-vasculaire Directions for use: Apply a small portion of cream on face and neck. Massage in circular motions until the product is absorbed.

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