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Goddess’ Wrap

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Goddess’ Wrap

Enveloppement Divin

Gold & Pearls Body Ceremony

Capacity: 2500 ml

A prestigious body mask with sparkling gold and champagne, intended for rejuvenating care ceremonies. A product with unique, innovative formula having a consistence resembling a soft, velvety, golden gel. A perfect combination of champagne extract and gold stimulates the skin regeneration. AHA fruit acids, which can be found in the mask, brighten the skin and give it a youthful radiance. An abundance of active ingredients, especially anti-oxidants, stimulates the natural skin barrier protecting it against photoageing. After the treatment, the skin is visibly smoother, lifted and sparkling with golden powder.

Directions for use: 

Mix 200 g (330 ml) of powder with 230ml of lukewarm water until you get a homogenous paste. Apply it with a spatula or with hands directly to the body. Wrap the mask in a plastic foil and a thermal blanket. After 30 minutes wash it off.

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