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Chocolate Scrub

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Chocolate Scrub

Gommage au Chocolat

Glamour Body Ceremony

Capacity: 500 ml

An intriguing salt-sweet combination of noble chocolate and refreshing orange, seasoned with sea salt. An exceptionally thick, velvety texture of the product guarantees a gentle exfoliating effect. Chocolate, containing vitamins, microelements and nutritious substances, has tonic, hydrating and anti-oxidant properties. Theobromine and caffeine, which can be found in cocoa bean shells, stimulate the cell metabolism and lipolysis, inhibiting the storage of fat. Oranges, rich in vitamin C and essential oils, brighten the skin and will give it energy. Salt crystals will remove impurities and the dead skin cells, improve microcirculation, and firm the skin. The seductive aroma that spreads in the air will put you in a good mood.

Directions for use:

Apply product on body. To obtain optimal exfoliating effect, use it on dry skin. It can be also used on slightly wet skin. Perform a short exfoliating massage. Then rinse it off.

Size 500 ml

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