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Black Mask Perfector

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Black Mask Perfector

Masque Noir Perfecteur

DNA Protection Expert

Capacity: 300 ml 

Cleansing mask with creamy texture enriched with activated carbon to be used in combination with Perfector Activator for boosted anti-aging effect. The product cleanses the pores and refreshes the skin, while evening its tone. Known for its absorbing properties, kaolin clay included in the formula removes excess sebum and regulates its secretion, whereas zinc prevents the formulation of imperfections. Activated charcoal of natural origin disinfects the skin, restoring its balance, while Crodarom® Eucalyptus multiplies the antiseptic action. What prevents dryness is the activator applied in the first stage, which is rich in nutrients and rejuvenating ingredients, along with propanediol, which effectively prevents dehydration by providing optimal moisture level. The formula is supplemented with anti-inflammatory vitamin E, which neutralizes free radicals that are harmful to the DNA code.

Directions for use: 

Apply a thick layer of the mask on the face, neck and décolleté (approx. 10 ml) avoiding the eye and mouth area. Leave for 10-15 minutes then wash it off with water.

Size 300 ml

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