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Age Reverse Patch Mask

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Age Reverse Patch Mask

Pro-Jeunesse Masque-Patch

Clinical Repair Care

Capacity: 1pc 

An extraordinary mask, rich in substances that stimulate the regeneration of mature skin. Also recommended as post-treatment care (especially laser, RF or injection treatment). This freeze-dried composition is based on algae complex rich in polysaccharides, vitamins, macro and microelements. Its properties help deeply hydrate the skin, which in turn has an influence on improving the cohesion of connective tissue and skin firmness. It restores the balance of the dermis hydration level upset due to TEWL. In addition, squalene seals intercellular spaces, nourishes the skin and reduces inflammation. The product also helps slow down ageing process and soothes irritation. The mask makes the skin radiant and fresh, reduces wrinkles and eliminates signs of tiredness.

Directions for use: 

Open the sachet, carefully remove the mask and cut the patches in half. Apply on dry, clean skin, having previously added a drop of 95 Age Reverse Activator on each patch. Start application from the forehead, followed by the cheeks and chin. Using water, moisten a brush to transform into gel. Perform a massage. After 15 minutes, remove the remnants with warm water.

Size 1 pc

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