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Oily Skin Corrector Treatment

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Kit with all the phases needed to tackle acne and problems originated by an excess of sebaceous secretion. The first two phases are aimed to correct the skin pH and facilitate the extraction so that it is less painful. The last two phases disinfect, protect and rebalance the tissue, so that the sebaceous gland metabolism is regulated. Note: To obtain the perfect result against acne, it is important to use the products of the Balanced Face range at home.


Active substances: Yeast enzymes, shea butter, squalene, vitamin E, vitamin C, ascorbic acid, citric acid, glycerin.

Properties: enzymatic-chemical peeling that moves the skin pH towards acid values in oily skins or skins with alkaline pH. Enzymes clean profoundly, purifying toxins and preventing the activity of the bacteria.

Application: Apply a thin layer on the skin and allow 5 o 10 minutes to take effect. In skins where the acne is not very serious, it can be massaged. Wash away.


Active substances: Cetearyl isononanoate, sweet almond oil.

Properties: Double-action cream: it opens the pore to facilitate the extraction and calms the skin so that the extraction process is less painful.

Application: Apply a layer on the skin and allow 5 o 8 minutes to take effect. It may be used along with steam or a hot towel to facilitate the extraction. Remove area by area with the extraction. 


Active substances: Salicylic acid, ivy, horsetail, marigold, sage, fennel, lemon balm, hop, mistletoe, yarrow, chamomile, valerian.

Properties: A geloid that regulates and balances the metabolism of the sebaceous gland and fights against the infectious points.

Application: After extraction, tone and apply a thin layer of product. Leave it on 5 minutes. Do not remove. It may be ionised.


Active substances: Kaolin, horse chestnut, ivy, arnica, chamomile, salicylic acid.

Properties: Mask made from clays with high bactericidal and soothing effect. After the extraction, the skin will appear soothed and hydrated.

Application: Apply with a brush and allow 15 minutes to take effect. Wash away with abundant water.

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