Purles for Professionals

Purlés is a combination of the force of nature and the legacy of care & beauty from all over the world combined with the innovative biotechnological thought. It is a complete wellness therapy providing the experience of extraordinary relaxation as well as rapid and visible effects. It allows to transform any treatment into a ceremony, making...

Purlés is a combination of the force of nature and the legacy of care & beauty from all over the world combined with the innovative biotechnological thought. It is a complete wellness therapy providing the experience of extraordinary relaxation as well as rapid and visible effects. It allows to transform any treatment into a ceremony, making it a unique spiritual experience as if it was a voyage to the land of beauty, purifying not only appearance but also moving senses. Purlés assures the conscience touching, mysterious, and manifold sensations.

French Innovation Laboratory

Purlés professional cosmetics are created/manufactured at a French laboratory that meets the highest production standards. Their presence on the care & beauty market is contributed to by the many years scientific experience, exact quality control as well as independent dermatological tests. The system of thorough expertise together with innovative technologies are the trademark of Purlés laboratory guarantee that determines the high quality, efficiency, and the best performance of the created products. Our clients’ satisfaction and care for their safety are of superior importance to us.

Ceremonies of Professional Future

Our offer of professional cosmetics is prepared for spas and beauty salons that search for complete solutions when it comes to care & beauty as well as service. Upgrading standards and fulfilling the expectations of even the most demanding clients are fundamental to our philosophy. The compilation of natural plant substances with advanced biochemical knowledge and multicultural tradition of achieving the care & beauty excellence makes Purlés the market’s precursor of innovative visions. The creation of this brand is a result of the will to turn the treatment into a ceremony which constitutes the future of professional spas and beauty salons.

The Consistency in Active Search for Change

Following the development of the international professional beauty & care as well as recognising the spa & wellness trends, we regularly participate in international fair and beauty congresses to exchange our experience with the most renowned beauty laboratories in the world. The consistency in active search for change allows us to incessantly adjust our offer of treatments to the still growing demands of our clients. The continuous development based upon our participation in international scientific seminars and expert meetings enables us to recognise the actual trends, or even set them.

Beauty Essence Inspired of Medicine

The range of Purlés products is constantly developing with new lines that draw inspiration from the latest achievements in aesthetic medicine, such as chemical peels, peptides, retinol. The mesococktail's line, enriched with revolutionary home care, is an intensive treatment that, on the one hand, fights the symptoms of time lapse, and on the other hand guarantees an optimal response to individual skin needs. Innovative formulas of technologically advanced chemical peels guarantee the highest quality and efficient exfoliation. Perfect attention to quality and composition of cosmetics makes them the best tool in the hands of qualified professionals. This is the best choice of professional cosmetics for beauty salons, clinics and spas.


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  • Total Cleansing

    Make up removal is one of the most important steps of everyday skin care. Appropriate cleansing of the skin ensures its proper functioning, and has a positive influence on the pH level, bacterial flora, and absorption of active ingredients. Makeup removal helps to clear away impurities, which inhibit the skin from breathing. Inappropriate cleansing may excessively dry out the skin (products containing alcohol, aggressive cleaning gels, affect the proper functioning of the skin (a classic soap), or cause formation of comedones and pimples by clogging the pores. Inappropriate cleansing results in the skin losing its freshness, brightness, becoming grey and appearing constantly tired. Purles brand, being fully aware of the problem, has designed Total Cleansing line. It is comprised of gentle products effectively removing impurities from the skin. They are perfect for removing make up and waterproof mascara. The active ingredients, including Alpine Plants Complex, nourish the skin, protecting if from dehydration, brighten the complexion, and help scavenge free radicals. The formula of Total Cleansing product line is supplemented by fruit acid complex (glycolic, lactic, malic, citric and tartaric), which restores the proper pH level, softens the skin and leaves a long-lasting fresh feeling.

  • Sushi Ceremony

    Sushi Ceremony is a luxurious line designed especially for those seeking effective and original treatments that explore or redefine the sense of well-being. A variety of Sushi Ceremony products is a perfect solution for the multi-level needs of mature skin related to ageing. The ceremony, based on age old traditions, is not only a form of escapism from everyday rush, but most of all, a remarkably efficient beauty treatment. The modern formula of the products is based on carefully selected active ingredients of plant origin including: Achillea millefolium (common yarrow), Malva sylvestris (mallow), Melissa officinalis (lemon balm), Alchemilla vulgaris (common lady’s mantle), peppermint, Primula veris (common cowslip), Veronica officinalis (heath speedwell). The innovative Alpine Plants Complex detoxifies the skin and leaves it bright and full of life. The above ingredients guarantee an effective treatment against hyperpigmentation by regulating the melamine production processes. As a result, the surface pigment spots are visibly diminished. What is an important component of Sushi Ceremony line, is highly intensive oryzanol. This substance extracted from rice bran, is a natural ferulic acid ester derivative. Its strength lays in high antioxidant effectiveness and excellent skin absorption. Oryzanol increases microcirculation and helps to reduce wrinkles. The rich composition is also supplemented by vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, which effectively smooth and regenerate the skin, making it firm and rejuvenated. The beautifying effect and effectiveness of the ceremony is guaranteed by the advanced formula of the products. Additionally, a face massage based on shiatsu techniques will soothe the senses and help you to relax and unwind.

  • Gold & Pearls Ceremony

    A timeless essence of beauty concentrated in a unique mixture of active ingredients. Gold & Pearls Ceremony is a symbol of luxurious values in the everyday skin care ritual. The miraculous effects of gold, which has been used in the rejuvenating Gold & Pearls Ceremony product series, have been known since antiquity, and were first used by Cleopatra. This unique line guarantees high quality, safety, and splendid results in a pursuit to maintain a young look. The therapeutic properties of gold particles have made this ore a tangible symbol of luxury. That is why it is widely used in modern cosmetology. It is renowned for its invaluable properties strengthening the skin cells and stimulating the process of renewal. Apart from that, gold particles improve the skin condition, enhance the tissue elasticity, and stimulate the collagen production process. The line’s precious formula includes also pearls, called by the ancient „tears of angels.” These gems, appreciated for centuries for their „magical” properties, constitute an exclusive element used in modern cosmetology as a valuable ingredient reducing wrinkles and making the skin bright and firm. The deluxe formula of the products is additionally enriched by caviar extract, and the most noble of all beverages - champagne. They play an important role in the regeneration process, supplement the deficiency of macroelements, and smooth the skin. The abundance of active ingredients, amino acids, vitamins, and most of all, antioxidants, stimulates the natural barrier against photo-ageing, hydrates the skin and boosts cellular metabolism.

  • SeniSkin Garden Ceremony

    SensiSkin Garden Ceremony resembles a garden full of herbs and plants, carefully selected to meet the needs of a sensitive skin. Not only dry and thin skin is sensitive, also oily or mixed, young or mature skin can be sensitive. What connects all those skin types is the fact that they are easily irritated by the changes of temperature, stress, alcohol, some cosmetic ingredients, or care treatment. The irritation is followed by incessant, long-lasting, and recurring burning, sense of tension, exfoliation, redness or itching. That is why the sensitive skin requires care adjusted to its special needs. Purlés brand has prepared in its treatment offer a wide variety of products for professional face ceremonies, which have multi-direction care effects and are recommended on all skin types, taking into account the needs of a sensitive skin. The soothing and calming active ingredients of the line among other things include: allantoin, aloe extract and azulene - an active ingredient of chamomile, which demonstrates strong anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic properties. The recipe is additionally supplemented by Chondrus crispus extract (north Atlantic red algae), which has stimulating and moisturizing properties, is rich in proteins, and vitamins C and B. The base of SensiSkin Garden product line consists of gentle, soothing extracts, which effectively care for the sensitive skin. A mature skin is stimulated and smoothed by the cherry extract. A couperose skin is reinforced by the blueberry or blackcurrant extract, tannins and vitamins. An oily complexion is normalized by a blend of aromatic herbs: basil, dill and parsley.

  • Eye Contour

    The skin around eyes is extremely sensitive. It is only half millimeter thick, five times thinner than the skin on the cheeks. There are very few sebaceous glands in this area, which is why the hydrolipid film is less durable. It is caused by repeated dryness and irritation. Eye area is especially susceptible to the effects of harmful factors such as: cold, wind, sun radiation or artificial light. The skin in this area needs extra care and special treatment, which can be achieved only with high quality products, intended specifically for this purpose. Therefore, it is necessary to apply a separate product, adjusted to the needs of the eye area. Purlés brand, in order to meet the precise expectations of their Clients, has designed a unique Eye Contour line, intended for the skin around eye area, for people of different ages. The line is based on organic ingredients extracted from plants grown without any chemical intervention. The cosmetics are made in an ecological way, in accordance with the highest quality standards and safety criteria. Eye Contour line is so special and unique not only because of the way it is made, but also because it is well tolerated and effective.

  • Derma Solution

    Derma Solution is a line that has been created with a view to intensively nourish the skin. Its creation has been inspired by the technologies of aesthetic medicine. That is why it satisfies the needs of a demanding Client looking for a comprehensive treatment, which will guarantee wonderful relaxation, as well as spectacular, long-lasting effects. Innovative recipes utilizing advanced active substances, have synergic and comprehensive effects, perfectly nourishing the skin. They are based on revolutionary ingredients, such as stem cells, which until now has been available only to medicine doctors. They constitute an optimal response to the individual needs of the skin, visibly reducing the symptoms of the passing time. They stimulate the process of biological renewal and regeneration of the structures that has been damaged over time, which has an immense influence on the appearance of the skin.

  • Pure Rebalancing Ceremony

    This innovative cosmetics line based on a specialized care concept of oily, combination and acne skin at any age. Expert quality and efficiency of the products are the result of detailed and stringent dermatological tests. The essence of the recipe is complex and multidimentional care, based on salicylic acid, yeast extract or burdock. The products provide a focused activity on all causes of acne: abnormal keratosis, overproduction of sebum, excessive growth of bacteria and dryness of the skin. Moreover, the formulae, which are based on both the argillotherapy idea and the power of plant extracts such as albizia julibrissin and silver maple, take into account the individual needs of the skin in certain parts of the face - smoothing wrinkles, firming and moisturizing - giving it a healthy and youthful appearance.

  • Clinical Repair Care

    A specialist program dedicated to cosmetic and health care facilities. High doses of active substances with clinical efficacy not only guarantee a successful therapy after esthetic medical treatments or plastic surgery, but also offer anti-aging treatment before and between invasive procedures. The creation of products and treatment is based on philosophy of aiming at perfection and constitutes a perfect combination of medically selected active ingredients in highest possible doses and unique recipes with restoring, hydrating and regenerating action. It offers a long-lasting skin rejuvenation effect using a non-invasive method. It immediately improves skin condition, restores it and reduces redness and swelling after advanced medical and cosmetic procedures. It guarantees visible wrinkle reduction and smoothness as well as helps eliminate skin dryness. Products rich in Matrixyl synthe 6 peptide complex, Stoechiol, Duo Hyaluronic complex, amino acids and marine glycogen protect skin’s youth reserves, slow down ageing processes and help preserve a young look for longer. The effects of Clinical Repair Care are measurable and noticeable instantly, offering a specialized and effective system for skin repair and protection.

  • DNA Protection Expert

    Damaged DNA code is one of the disastrous effects caused by oxidants, which actively contribute to aging of the skin. With the combined power of nature and modern biotechnological progress, these processes can be significantly inhibited. To effectively fight against the visible consequences of oxidative stress, Purlés has designed a new product line: DNA Protection Expert. Oxidative stress is a loss of balance between production and neutralization of free radicals. The complex formula of active ingredients, including Anti-Pollution Oil Complex, Triple VitC System and Antioxidant Complex, neutralizes oxidants that are harmful to the cellular DNA code, providing effective anti-aging action. Natural components of the products facilitate keeping the skin functions in balance, and in combination with advanced molecules (Lipochroman®, DNA-Protective Active, Anti-Pollution Active), they minimize the effects caused by negative external factors, such as pollution or ultraviolet radiation.

  • Sushi Body Ceremony

    Sushi Body Ceremony is a unique, very sensual line recommended for skin care of the whole body. This holistic therapy is a unique combination of Western cosmetology and the care traditions of the Far East. The combination enhances the energy flow, balances the natural body rhythm and fully meets all the needs of a mature skin. As the time goes by, the skin changes: it becomes less elastic, dry, thin and loses its brightness. Also, discoloration appears due to excessive sun exposure. The passage of years causes that the skin needs greater care and more intensive regeneration treatments. Sushi Body Ceremony line gives aid in the struggle for a better skin condition and younger look. Innovative formulas of these products guarantee spectacular effects, whereas the elements of Eastern ceremonies will change the therapy into a symbolic, mystic journey to the Country of Cherry Blossoms. The products are based on Alpine Plant Complex, comprised of carefully selected extracts of: Achillea millefolium (common yarrow), Alchemilla vulgaris (common lady’s mantle), peppermint, Primula veris (common cowslip) and Veronica officinalis (heath speedwell). The complex regulates the processes of melanogenesis and brightens discolorations. In addition, oryzanol, extracted from rice bran, neutralizes the effects of the free radicals, slows down the ageing process and stimulates wrinkle reduction. Sushi Body Ceremony is an exclusive and complex treatment, giving immediate effects in the form of a visibly better skin condition, its brightening and hydration.

  • Gold & Pearls Body...

    Gold & Pearls Body Ceremony is a guarantee of an exclusive body care, being a synergy of luxury and finesse, as well as high effectiveness and modern formulas. It symbolizes the beauty and the eternal desire to preserve youth. The ritual, apart from valuable ingredients, includes a particle of a mystic journey, and helps to restore the balance to the body and mind. A noble combination of gold, pearls and champagne is the key to preserving a young look and a silk soft, radiant skin. Gold stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, smoothes and firms the skin. In addition, it deeply hydrates and soothes irritation. The champagne extract guarantees a good mood, lets you enjoy the luxury and forget about everyday life. Gentle fruit acids soften the skin and stimulate its renewal. An abundance of anti-oxidants help to eliminate the free radicals. The mixture is also enriched with pearls, a symbol of perfection. Amino acids, which are the active ingredient of pearls, nourish the skin and slow down the ageing process. Mineral salts have hydrating properties and complement the deficiencies of minerals in the skin. A holistic treatment smoothes the body, makes it silk soft, radiant and wrapped in a sensual aroma. It is a perfect proposition before important meetings, when it is important to be in a good physical and mental shape.

  • Glamour Body Ceremony

    Glamour Body Ceremony is a journey into the furthest corners of the globe, which stimulates the senses and the deepest recesses of the soul. It has been enclosed in the orient care traditions, but at the same time, it discovers the most modern trends of cosmetology. What is fascinating about this product is the diversity of active ingredients and a unique texture. Among the active ingredients there are substances with hydrating properties (Chondrus crispus extract, pineapple, apple extract, kiwi nectar), nourishing (grapeseed oil, coconut oil, cupuacu butter), as well as a variety of vitamins with anti-ageing properties. Worth mentioning are also the stimulating and energizing ingredients, such as ginger or mace. They have slimming properties and stimulate cell metabolism. Among the ingredients of Glamour Body Ceremony line, there are also green tea and marine algae extracts, ginseng, coconut, lavender oil, chocolate or Coffea Arabica. The ceremonies based on the line products treat a Client with a holistic approach. They care for both the body and mind, aiming at achieving the state of harmony between them. Multistage care programs not only will leave the skin in a perfect condition, but will also offer exotic experience to the senses thanks to unique essential oils. Having in mind that each person is a separate individuality, we merely suggest the stages of treatment ceremonies. The final decision about the shape and direction of the treatment belongs to the Client, who can choose products appropriate to his or her needs with the help of a Cosmetologist.

  • Clinical Repair Body Care

    A specialist program created for body care in both cosmetic and health care facilities. Designed for demanding customers, the line of products recommended before and/or after aesthetic medical treatments (liposuction, injection and laser lipolysis, etc.) to prolong and sustain the results. Lipolytic Body Therapy is also an effective alternative to invasive aesthetic and plastic surgery treatments. The combination of medically-selected active ingredients at optimum concentrations and non-standard formulas are the foundation of multidirectional action to ensure firm, moisturized and smooth skin without visible signs of cellulite. Long-term slimming results are obtained in a non-invasive way in a short time. The richness of plant extracts contained in the products stimulates skin microcirculation, which guarantees the detoxification effect. Lipout™ - an active ingredient based on the latest scientific findings on adipocyte activity - stimulates the conversion of fat cells from an inactive form, which stores fat to the active form, resulting in a much faster process of thermogenesis. Clinical Repair Body Care instantly improves skin condition by stimulating metabolising and fat burning processes.

  • Specific Products

    Specific Products is a line of specific, professional products, which has been designed with an aim to meet the particular, individual needs of the skin. It satisfies even the most demanding Clients, allowing them to create individual treatments, as well as supplementing the protocol with the existing ceremonies. This product offer gives the possibility to provide adequate care for the skin on the face, neck and chest, with an aim to maintain youth, reinforce the skin structure and regenerate it. Unique, subtle fragrances perfectly complement all the ceremonies, wonderfully relaxing the senses.

  • Acid Peels

    Acid Peels are technologically advanced chemical peelings intended for use only by plastic surgeons and aesthetic medicine doctors, dermatologists, and specialists with a diploma in cosmetology. They guarantee exfoliation of the highest quality and effectiveness. They constitute a perfect solution for numerous skin problems of the face and body. The accumulated power of a high concentration of the ingredients, a unique recipe and low pH level, is what make Acid Peels a perfect tool for a professional treatment. Six types of peelings ensure renewal and regeneration of a mature skin. They brighten and even the color of a grey, or discolored skin, as well as normalize and reduce imperfections and scars on an oily skin, or with stretch marks. Acid Peels are adjusted for different skin types, in different ages. Quick and long-lasting results are a perfect alternative for the painful, invasive treatments. A detailed description regarding the use of Acid Peels can be found in training materials. Before performing the exfoliation, it is necessary to run the skin diagnostics, and make sure there are no contraindications. It is an exceptionally important step, because it guarantees the best results and full safety. Providing comprehensive information about the possible side effects (burning, tingling, pinching), which can occur during the treatment, will give comfort to the Client.

  • Accessories
  • Redness Stop System...

    Is a treatment for vascular skin. Erythema, initially disappearing, can lead to fixed teleangiectasias and develope acne. The line aims to blood vessels strengthening, soothing existing changes and protecting against the influence of negative exogenous and endogenous factors that may worsen the condition of the skin. Thanks to properly composed active ingredients, such as extract from Italian kittens, extract from ruscus, extract of Poria Cocos, or glycyrrhizic acid we can bring relief to the inflamed skin, moisturize, protect and strengthen it.

  • HydraOxy Intense