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Freihaut develops its therapies for every skin type and for every age, whether male or female.

In order to achieve 100% effectiveness, we combine therapies at the salon which are characterised by their precision, innovativeness and ease of application with products for home care which, thanks to their packaging and quality, prove indispensable f...

Freihaut develops its therapies for every skin type and for every age, whether male or female.

In order to achieve 100% effectiveness, we combine therapies at the salon which are characterised by their precision, innovativeness and ease of application with products for home care which, thanks to their packaging and quality, prove indispensable for customers.


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  • Basics

    At its laboratories, FR~HAUT Cosmetics has developed – as a result of its experience and knowledge of the plant substances with the highest cosmetological value – the Basics product range to prepare and balance the skin, notably in the case of delicate and sensitive skins.

    Basics products work in synergy as a first aid cure to purify the skin while relieving the irritation suffered by delicate skins or those suffering from acne or dermatitis.

    Besides, Basics enhances the natural capacity of the skin for adequate sebaceous self-regulation and correct cell regeneration. As a result of this balance, there is an improvement on the current problems skin may be suffering from. And future skin problems will be prevented.

    Basics, whether at home or at the salon, is the prelude for every treatment within the Freihaut product ranges.

  • Balanced Face

    Because true beauty springs from nature, FR~HAUT Cosmeticscombines natural essences that work in synergy to make the most of the natural power by focusing its action inside the skin to keep it young, beautiful and healthy.

    Balanced Face by FR~HAUT Cosmetics is designed to address skin problems that are small everyday obstacles to the work of the beautician: acne, dermatitis, scars, dilated pore, aging…

    Because of its method of work and also its formulation, FR~HAUT Cosmetics is an exceptional tool for the beautician. It works on a biotechnology-based methodology that seeks to leave behind the deficiencies found in the market whether in the time of manufacturing, application or when providing information and expert advice. 

    Experience has proven that natural extracts tend to have a softer effect and a more balanced action because of the presence of other organic components that enhance the chemical reactions. It is also a solution proposed by Nature to solve impure and irritated skins.

    Some vegetal extracts used are: arnica, birch, marigold, ivy, lavender, etc.

  • Citrus Care

    Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is very necessary for the health of your skin for different reasons:

    • It increases the protection and resistance of skin against the exogenous agents we are exposed to on a daily basis (the sun, CO2, tobacco or alcohol).

    • It participates in the conversion process of proline to hydroxyproline, which is an essential constituent of collagen. If we increase the levels of this vitamin locally in the skin we will be significantly promoting collagen production, which in turn, will lead to fewer wrinkles and an overall improvement of the elasticity of the skin and even of capillaries.

    • The formation of free radicals causes the deterioration of the chain of collagen and elastin leading to skin ageing. Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals and regenerates vitamin E.

    • Locally applied vitamin C prevents DNA cell from suffering damages.

  • Clear & Bright

    From the distant India, we are provided with a revolutionary active substance that prevents the appearance of new spots and efficiently works to fight against skin overpigmentation by inhibiting the production of melanin by melanocytes.

    Clear & Bright has a number of vegetal active ingredients that are the result of biotechnological research. It can smooth the spots and achieves a more homogeneous, brighter and more radiant skin.

    It brings us a revolutionary active cocktail aimed to reduce pigmentation and protect skin against photo-ageing and oxidation caused by the sun, thanks to a vitamin-C stabilised complex that has a whitening function. Besides, this complex stops the release of radicals thus reinforcing the connective tissue and generating new collagen and elastin fibres.

  • Hyaluron Plus

    Constant research and devotion to the professional beautician industry for years have allowed Freihaut to offer advanced and exclusive beauty projects. Such projects are designed through the use of exclusive manufacturing techniques and high quality raw materials.

    This has resulted in FR~HAUT Cosmetics offering effective and innovative treatments able to address the demands of every face and every silhouette whether at the beauty salon or in the home.

    FR~HAUT Cosmetics has created at its laboratory the HY+ product range which is the result of hard research work on the field of biotechnology.

    HY+ is the exclusive, rehydrating and anti-aging treatment with double action: on the surface and deep inside the skin to boost the skin’s capacity to retain its own water reserves.

    HY+ contains cutting-edge biotechnological hyaluronic acid with lower molecular weight that acts from the dermis to improve and enhance hydration, as water is the key vector to act on the skin, as it is the way in for active substances that stimulate cell metabolism thus enhancing regeneration and toning.

    HY+ also contains active substances (that promote collagen and elastin) contributing to the collagen and elastin regenerative process to rebuild the foundations of the skin.

    The results: an extremely hydrated skin both on the surface and in its deeper layers. Wrinkles are filled up and cell nutrition is promoted, thus contributing to its regeneration.

    Greater structure fewer wrinkles, enhanced elasticity.

    Free of parabens, perfumes, mineral oils and PEGs. Product

  • Oxygeno 2

    To maintain a youthful and fresh look, skin needs oxygen.

    Oxygen is the energy donor for cell division and renovation, as with the years, skin blood vessels compress, thus reducing the necessary amount of oxygen in cells, which in turn affects cells’ capacity for regeneration.

    Skin loses its compact structure, the depth of wrinkles increases and skin grows weaker and older. Compressed vessels are visible to the naked eye and skin becomes reddened.

    At 30, skin has lost 25 per cent of its oxygen content, at 40 oxygen reduction reaches 50 per cent and dilated vessels are visible to the naked eye.

    On the other hand, our daily routine, the environment we live in and our habits may lead to an asphyxiated skin full of toxins. Heating or air conditioning, pollution or even the treated water from the tap may result in skin intoxication and lead to the formation of spots and to that “greenish” colour that is so typical of asphyxiated skins.

    Oxygen02 by FR~HAUT Cosmetics introduces a system for skin care free of parabens and PEGs. It increases oxygen assimilation by skin cells, improves blood flow and cell respiration is intensified.

    TelangynTM is the new tetrapeptide developed by Lipotec laboratories that combats the undesired effects caused by capillary dilation and tissue degradation.

    Thanks to the dynamics developed by cell activities the depth of wrinkles is reduced. The skin absorbs more moisture again and presents a homogeneous, vivacious and less reddened appearance.

    Skin cells receive fresh energy. Its success is impressive!

  • Sun Touch

    Sunlight is essential for our physical and mental health but overexposure or inappropriate exposure may cause irreparable damage and hasten premature ageing.

    FR~HAUT Cosmetics, within its line of Sun Touch, has designed broad-spectrum UVA/UVB filters that ensure that skin is cared and protected from both the short and long term harmful effects caused solar radiation. Its beta-carotene fortified formula, which also contains carrot oil, vitamin C and aloe vera, makes this compound the perfect ally for sensitive skins that cannot take any risk when tanning.

  • White Tea

    FR~HAUT Cosmetics has reformulated the White Tea line. Its composition includes leading edge active substances that have been biotechnologically developed at the most prestigious laboratories studying aging where works is being conducted for an antidote to the passing of time.

    White Tea is a global anti-aging line designed to counter and prevent the effects the passing of time from showing on our skin. Such effect includeS the loss of firmness, elasticity, flaccidity, the appearance of wrinkles, expression lines, loss of vitality, brightness, etc. It also protects skin from outside aggressions.

    With this objective in mind, Fr~HAUT Cosmetics has selected a latest generation active substance: Neodermyl® which was awarded the gold prize at “In-Cosmetics Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award 2013” held in Paris.

    Neodermyl® is the first molecule in the market that reactivates the synthesis of both collagen and elastin in the skin and reenergizes the aged fibroblast by providing them with an activated source of cellular energy.

    After just 15 days of application Neodermyl® shows results equivalent to a collagen injection. Besides, it also improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin.  

    As well as this innovative molecule, the formula includes a careful selection of powerful active substances such as White Tea, which gives the name to the product, and which is known as the elixir of immortality because of its regenerative and antioxidant properties.

    Nowadays, data from new research show that white tea is one hundred times more antioxidant than green tea and has three times as many polyphenols. It has an energizing and vivifying effect. Besides, it protects the skin’s immune system.

    It also includes such newly designed active substances as PhytoCellTecTM, Fucogel, Vitis Vinifera, Ginkgo Biloba, Lactic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid. All of them are geared to regenerate the tissue and improve cell metabolism, which is usually affected by the passing of time and environmental aggressions.

    The result: Smooth, rejuvenated and firmer skin!!

  • Reducel
  • EVEN


    After 25 years of product research and development and building on the knowledge of the way skin works, the quality of the best active substances and the guarantee of the efficiency of its products, FR~HAUT has developed EVEN: a line that is the consequence of the study of the causes behind the appearance of spots and wrinkles on the skin.

    EVEN brings together a set of patents and natural active substances that are the result of biotechnological research. It is a powerful cocktail of active substances aimed at depigmenting, protecting and preventing skin’s oxidative photoageing.

    The result: in two months, skin will be much whitened, firmer, brighter and more radiant.

  • The Active

    In The Active range we have combined retinol and other last generation active substances to develop a global skincare range that treats every problem of mature skins.

    In other words, The Active is the skin fitness coach to maintain it in a good shape, unchangeable in spite of the passing of time.

  • Pure

    The pure concentrates of FR~HAUT Cosmetics are the key point of any treatment. They are the purest and most concentrated version of active substances and have become a must in the beauty centre, to boost treatments and accelerate the achievement of the proposed aims.

    PURE is, so, the perfect and necessary partner to trigger changes in our skins and achieve the aims proposed by therapists, as it improves the properties of the daily core treatments (creams, serums, eye contours...).

    The heart of the PURE range is that, as well as having a high percentage of active substances, its molecular weight is very small, so it can penetrate in the deepest skin layers. Results are very powerful and they are reached in a short period of time.