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Secret garden without secrets 

Purlés reflects the richness of natural resources that surround us. It shows their diversity through the kaleidoscope of ingredients – gifts from the nature, natural treasures of fundamental significance for care. Ceremonies of Professional Future constitute a source of a gentle and, at the same time, extraordinaril...

Secret garden without secrets 

Purlés reflects the richness of natural resources that surround us. It shows their diversity through the kaleidoscope of ingredients – gifts from the nature, natural treasures of fundamental significance for care. Ceremonies of Professional Future constitute a source of a gentle and, at the same time, extraordinarily effective skin care initiated in a beauty salon or spa. Its natural continuation – complementation is the retail offer of Purlés. Cosmetics intended to be used at home by all people aiming to use complete care solutions. Laboratorial precision and advanced technology combined with the magic of aromas seducing the senses constitute the essence of Purlés which guarantees spectacular beauty effects. Everyday care with the use of Purlés products is a ceremony which brings you closer to perfection. Discover the secrets of Purlés treasures. Ask your cosmetologist about appropriate care adjusted to individual needs of your skin. 


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  • Sushi Ceremony

    Sushi Ceremony comprises a range of precisely selected cosmetic products adjusted to diversified needs of mature skin resulting from changes related to the passing of time. Sushi Ceremony refers to centuries-old care traditions of the Far East. An important role is played by a substance obtained from rice germs – oryzanol – which is a high-performance antioxidant reducing wrinkles and improving microcirculation. Moreover, an Alpine Plant Complex effectively eliminates hyperpigmentation by regulating the process of melanogenesis. The skin is cleansed of toxins, it regains brighten and vitality. Hyaluronic acid and vitamin E improve skin elasticity and resilience.

  • Gold & Pearls Ceremony

    Gold & Pearls Ceremony is an exclusive line of cosmetics inspired by the eternal strive for luxury, the embodiment of which are the elements of wealth transferred into everyday care. Purlés presents exceptionally sophisticated formulas based on gold, pearls, champagne and caviar. Gold ameliorates the condition of skin by improving its elasticity and stimulating the production of collagen. Pearls, called the “tears of angels” by the ancients, are valued for their brightening properties, contribute to the reduction of wrinkles and improve skin elasticity. Champagne extract and caviar smoothen and hydrate the skin. What is more, they stimulate natural protection against photoaging. The Gold & Pearls line ensures not only an effective care therapy, but also a sense of ritual luxury which was experienced in the antiquity by Cleopatra and which, until today, remained available only for the very few.

  • SensiSkin Garden Ceremony

    SensiSkin Garden Ceremony is a line created for sensitive, irritable skin. Like the Garden of Eden or a backyard herbarium, it spreads the charms of nature enclosed within carefully elaborated formulas which enchant with subtle aromas. The series based on ingredients of plant origin is dedicated to various types of sensitive skin – oily, mixed and dry – regardless of age. The SensiSkin Garden Ceremony line ensures complex care thanks to carefully selected assuasive and soothing active ingredients. Allantoin has a regenerating effect and accelerates the healing process. Aloe has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Horse chestnut extract and witch hazel strengthen blood vessels, mollify and reduce erythema.

  • Eye Contour

    Eye Contour is a result of laboratory observation of skin around the eyes which needs special protection and extraordinary gentleness. The line is produced in an environmentally friendly manner, which ensures the highest safety level confirmed by the EcoCert certificate. It is recommended for skin around the eyes care at every age. A masterful combination of safe and exceptionally effective organic ingredients of plant origin, as well as of active substances, ensures extraordinary effects. It eliminates dark circles and swelling, improves skin elasticity. Argan oil provides unsaturated fatty acids which ensure antioxidant effect. Osilift has lifting and soothing properties. Witch hazel, Shea butter and green tea tone, revitalise, strengthen, nourish, and smoothen fine lines.

  • Total Cleansing

    Total Cleansing is a line of specialised makeup remover products. Their formulas were created in a way to emphasise the fundamental role of proper cleansing of face skin. Neglecting this step of everyday care may result in sallow and grey complexion, as well as blackheads and spots. The cosmetics especially adjusted to the needs of the skin will not only precisely remove makeup and impurities which hinder the skin to breathe, but also – thanks to the presence of active ingredients, such as fruit acids, blueberry and orange extracts – soften and hydrate the skin, as well as make the complexion look fresh, bright and healthy.

  • Acid Peels

    Acid Peels is a line the creation of which was inspired by the eternal aspirations to achieve the ideal of beauty. Formulas of the products – unique and carefully elaborated by experts – combine the power of alpha hydroxy acids with an extraordinary effectiveness of active ingredients. They ensure a perfect preparation of each skin type before a beauty salon treatment and help to make its effects last longer. They gently peel, stimulate renewal and regeneration of skin cells. The products smoothen wrinkles, restore skin luminosity and normalise complexion. They favour skin tone correction, minimise imperfections and scars. They are a perfect base constituting an aid in the treatment of skin disorders, problems of skin with dilated capillaries, as well as symptoms of ageing of the skin. It is an intense therapy elaborated for demanding customers who expect an active effect and fast results at the same time.

  • Derma Solution

    Derma Solution is a line intended for advanced skin care. Its creation was inspired by aesthetic medicine achievements and, therefore, meets the needs of demanding Clients who are looking for complete care ensuring spectacular and long-lasting effects. Innovative formulas, which include advanced active substances, act in a synergetic and comprehensive manner, effectively nurturing the skin. They are based on revolutionary ingredients such as stem cells which, to date, were available only to physicians. They guarantee an optimal response to individual needs of the skin, fighting the signs of the passage of time in a visible way. They stimulate processes of biological regeneration and renewal of structures damaged with age, which have a considerable impact on the appearance.

  • Pure Rebalancing Ceremony

    Expert line of cosmetics dedicated to oily, combination and acne skin at all ages. Products formula have been developed to provide multidimensional care. On the one hand, its regulates sebaceous glands, exhibit antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. On the other restores healthy-looking skin - cleanses, narrow pores, minimizes pigmentation scars. At the same time line includes the individual needs of the skin in certain parts of the face - smoothes wrinkles, firms and moisturizes, provides long-lasting feeling of freshness and mattifies.

  • Clinical Repair Care

    An intense line for anti-aging treatment that can be used solo or as an addition and supplement to medical treatments. It includes products for maintaining treatment effects and stimulating self-repair processes. It combines medical innovation, effectiveness and safety with pleasure and ease of use. Product recipes rich in ingredients with clinical effectiveness constitute a complex skin regeneration program. Clinical Repair Care is a perfect supplement to invasive treatment, but it can also be used as an alternative therapy. Products based on Matrixyl synthe 6, Colageneer and amino acids prevent loss of tension and flexibility, restore the genetic potential of young skin and intensively stimulate skin regeneration processes. They instantly improve skin condition and visibly smooth out wrinkles. These products activate regeneration mechanisms, offering long-lasting rejuvenation results that are measurable and noticeable.

  • DNA Protection Expert

    Damaged DNA code is one of the disastrous effects caused by free radicals, which actively contribute to skin aging. With the combined power of nature and modern biotechnological progress, these processes can be significantly inhibited. To effectively fight against the visible consequences of oxidative stress, Purlés has designed a new product line: DNA Protection Expert. The complex formula of active ingredients guarantee efficient anti-aging action: nutrition and wrinkle smoothing. Natural components of the products facilitate keeping the skin functions in balance, and in combination with advanced molecules, they provide detoxification and reduction of photoaging symptoms, restoring healthy radiance to the skin.

  • Sushi Body Ceremony
  • Glamour Body Ceremony

    Glamour Body Ceremony is a line of unique body care cosmetics. A guide to the world of exotic and oriental care-related traditions from various parts of the globe enclosed in the formula of products with inspiring aromas and diversified consistencies. Glamour Body Ceremony ensures moments of relaxation and relieves of stress. It appeals to senses which are thirsty for exceptional experiences by enveloping them with sophisticated aromas. The line guarantees an effective body care therapy thanks to an expanded range of ingredients including extracts and essences of plant origin, e.g. pineapple, passion fruit, turmeric, ginger, pistachio and almond oils, mango, ginseng.

  • Clinical Repair Body Care

    A specialist program created for body care designed for demanding customers. The line of products recommended to use before and/or after aesthetic medical treatments (liposuction, injection and laser lipolysis, etc.) to prolong and sustain the results. The combination of medically-selected active ingredients at optimum concentrations and non-standard formulas are the foundation of multidirectional action to ensure firm, moisturized and smooth skin without visible signs of cellulite. Lipout™ - an active ingredient based on the latest scientific findings on adipocyte activity - stimulates the conversion of fat cells from an inactive form, which stores fat to the active form, resulting in a much faster process of thermogenesis. Clinical Repair Body Care instantly improves skin condition by stimulating metabolising and fat burning processes.

  • Redness Stop System...

    The line Redness Stop System was created to support the daily struggle, which aims to strengthen the blood vessels, soothe the resulting skin changes and protect against the influence of negative exogenous and endogenous factors that may worsen the condition of the skin. Hypersensitivity, burning, pruritus and a feeling of tightness often accompany vascular skin, which is characterized by visible blood vessels and tenderness. The alarm signal is erythema, initially disappearing, which can, however, lead to persistent teleangiectasias and the development of rosacea. To soothe, moisten, protect and strengthen the skin, a proper care routine is indispensable.

  • HydraOxy Intense